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Time for some lovely news

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There has been much horror on this blog lately, so it's time to update you a little about the most beautiful news.
What about this. Some days ago, I noticed to my surprice, that the sky was filled with a feeling again, like it often was before I lost my romantic feelings im May 2007, after I felt was what going on in Nackareservatet, my beloved home forest. It was the same horrific, unclean feeling, that also was my last feeling before my romantic feeling life died. I couldn't rejoice the least, because of this, but the happy thing was that I had thought, that only death could restore my soul. I had also thought my soul was dead by the medications, not by David Petrov, whom I call "The satanic Robin Hood". I didn't know how deep his crimes were, that time, and I think everybody understood this.
Okay, a few days ago, I prayed much, all the night, at McDonald's, in my own funny way, by writing my prayers. I begged God and Jesus to kill a bunch of the worst criminals on this earth, that I knew of. Immediately. When I asked Jesus to kill Andreas Björsten, because he had killed the romantic soul life of all adult poets on earth, more or less, with his satanic romanticism, and gotten them to hide from his things under the shield of poetry bullshit, in Sweden called "språkmaterialismen", when I had finished writing my prayer to Jesus to kill him, I felt, or heard, a shockwave in the spirit world, almost like lightning, followed by a massive outburst of "brus" in the McDonald's where I sat, and most clearly I heard some young girls almost scream in the toilet. Okay, you guess what I thought. I thought that Jesus had in fact answered my prayer. That was the only possible explanation, waiting for a confirmation.
In the morning I went out from McDonald's and entered another place nearby, where I found an abandoned bottle with orange soda drink. I picked it up, and in the same moment I felt an incredible ease in my soul, and remembered how easy it was to be a child, a feeling I also have forgotten, like I've forgotten all the rest. I can''t remember feelings, all healthy souls can. The easiness was then followed by an outburst of incredible joy in a flock of small birds some meters above my head, who danced and singed as crazy. I remembered the bird song of my childhood, so more powerful than birds sing now, it seems to me.I lifted my bottle with juice, saw myself in the mirror of a window, smiled to myself one of my big, crazy smiles, and drank the juice, which was the best I've ever drunken of that sort, how this was possible, I do not know. Then I walked further in this feeling, the sun shined, and everything was easy. I then visited the Adventist Church in Warzawa, and the feeling vanished.
This looks like a fairy tale story, which some of my animal encounters do, but I swear it's true, and it will soon be confirmed. Not by me, but by what happened. I know almost nothing, although I'm a pretty good internet spy, my friends know about this.
We live in interesting times. Can anybody report to me if Titti Spaltro is dead, at least? Her Facebook profile has been that for a time. Please, be honest now. Louise and Markus Beijar Mellin should know.

The slimy, occult New Age-theologians Laura Hellsten and Markus Hellsten have both blasphemed the Holy Spirit in horrible ways

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The theologians Laura Hellsten and Markus Hellsten have both blasphemed the Holy Spirit horribly by not throwing one systematic and technological animal torturer (one leader in the church) out of their church, Friffe (see this slimy New Age church here), for not trying to do this, but by almost defendig her, in practice, although I warned about this, after speaking with this devil (devils are better than demons, devils are much more honest, demons are syrupy, gooey and slimy (sliskiga), so they avoid being killed and imprisoned on the spot. Laura has something of this, she is the perfect hypocrite, the most difficult to reveal I have ever met in my life, and keep others under her torture by playing the "little girl-voice-holy fool", let me throw up, and let Markus reveal how she tortures him, I have visited them horribly much, and know horribly much secrets) and getting spontaneous confessions from her ( she is much more humble and honest than Laura, WHAT THE HELL HAS LAURA DONE), Laura and Markus just ignored my message, and the ignorance about this in Friffe just goes on. Laura and Markus speak and act like this holocaust has never happened (Markus much less than Laura, because he is much more honest and good than Laura, even though he tortured a dog in his youth, so that it didn't want to live any more (WHAT THE HELL HAS LAURA DONE THEN)), they are the real holocaust-deniers. 
Now the time has come to reveal this systematic, scientific, high-tech animal torture in Friffe, a liberal (slimy, of course) protestant church, for the whole internet world, just to stop this horror. I have one of my occasional attacks of holy doomsday wrath, that I sometimes get on my vagabond trips. 
All torture and contribution to torture, even indirectly, is blaspheming the Holy Spirit, because you crucify Jesus again in those you torture, which is the worst sin a human can do. Most of humanity are animal or human torturers today, especially through the mobile phones (radiation that just torture, kills and destroys wildlife systematically, slowly day by day on this planet, called "the sixth extinction" by the scientists) and psychiatry. We live in the time of the Antichrist, the last Antichrist ever. 
Now I understand why Laura and Markus always silence me to "death", to become a non-topic, a taboo. I reveal them and their crimes too much. 
Markus tortured a dog in his youth, together with a horrific gang, and prayed desperately to God that he will escape hell, after the torture of this dog. Honest, at least, not like Laura, denying everything. Usually that's not possible, if not a miracle happens, which is possible for God, of course, but the more proud you are, and the more status you have, the more impossible it becomes. You have to wait until death finally saves you, guarded by heavy doomsday chains around your being, or just try to stop yourself from making even more harm with a gentle suicide, not a sin at all. 
Markus have lived in spiritual darkness, horrible such, ever since the dog torture session (torturing one of God's holiest angel species, labrats, those used by Friffe, are not far behind!), occasionally in hell just like Jesus prophecied about Spirit Blasphemers. This is not a punishment from God, only his gentle chains on Markus being to hinder him from more torture and deeper hell. And Markus can repent, whenever he want, because he has still his free will. It's difficult, as I said, but not impossible. But our powerful saviour usually helps the torturer to die, by his own hand, by accidents, by sickness or by some hero, to save him to heaven. Suicide is the easiest way out from this hell, and it's not a sin at all, but a liberation and a Homecoming, full restoration in one single day for the worst sinner ever. So close Markus is to his salvation, and so close are all animal torturers. It's better for them not to live, actually, extremely much better, they usually torture themselves if they do not torture others. With drug abuse, for example, like Markus do in his way with cannabis, and Laura in her with internet and Facebook, Laura the much more heavy one. Jesus said that drowning themselves, or be drowned by others, with a big stone to sink them to the bottom of the sea, would be best for a torturer of small and weak beings (my paraphrase of the wellknown verse in the gospel), like dogs and rats. It's so true. He had holy wrath, this Lion of Judah. 
Will Markus and Laura stop their friendship with me now, and persecute me with police and psychiatry? I risk that, to stop what is going on in Friffe, but I think you will just have some months to torture me before the sun god takes us all Home. He can't stand this and all the rest, and will send us the by scientists long awaited supersolarstorm that will kill us all in short time.
And we have to save Markus from believing in this torturer-Jesus with eternal damnation for his enemies (and what about Laura's Jesus, she who pretends to believe in the final salvation of all, is her heaven the eternal technoheaven of 5G and AI, she spoke once about her longing for creating new worlds, that is, universes, in heaven, like the fundamentalist Almighty terrorist God himself, typical Elon Musk and Ray Kurzweil AI heaven of eternal exponential growth, becoming the fundamentalist Almighty God himself, a hell much worse than that of Markus' Jesus, thinking about what AI (Artificial Intelligence) can do to us sinners, heretics like me (Laura hates me crazily) to torture us for all we have done, for all eternity. Laura is a Word of Faith-theologian, a prosperity theologian, she admitted that to me once, the worst church ever on this planet"s eternal history, BY FAR, and I confirmed this by looking on her books in her bedroom bookshelves and her two homepages, which I spied on, and the 5G-heaven fits their slimy New Age theology perfectly, by the way, Laura can't stand that I call her religion New Age in christian clothes, like that of Benny Hinn (who is so horrible and slimy that you lack words, can't feel), she begins to cry hysterically and artificially, for a long time, to get me punished horribly, it has happened, I have witnesses, Frank Berger and Ville Kavilo, among others, both slimy theologians a little in the same spirit, who of course comfort her, and plots against me). The eternal damnation of ones enemies, is a projection of ones own torture of another being, on Jesus. This is what happens in the imagination of a torturer, he begins to believe in eternal torture, afraid of coming there himself, too, like Markus. Not Laura, because she is much more hardened. This is the core of what it is to live in earthly hell. One tortures one's own mind with such things, if not with drugs. Many torturers end up killing themselves, and that's good, like Hitler did. It will save them for really much pain, and angels are also helping them to do that, constantly (suicide thoughts are a sign that our soul is still alive, and want to escape torture, not being in torture, this is a sign of humility, if Laura and Markus just had that much humility. Laura and Markus torture each others all the time, whenever they are together, like two demons in hell. What other creatures they torture, then, when they do not torture each other. Love has never been the slightest part of their relationship, I mean romance, unselfish, sacrificing love and good sex. Everything was just status and surface, about the very famous author Tommy Hellsten being Markus father, just fucking everything, Those two have no romantic feelings whatsoever, and I do not know when their souls died completely, it has to be a long time ago). Today suicides become just more and more common all the time, very fast, a good sign that the worst is over. The worst time was when we didn't dare to commit suicide, didn't dare to die in hell. I mean, when euthanasia was forbidden in law, for all, and when euthanasia to oneself was punished by horrible drug torture and mental hospital imprisonment, as it still is though, but not with the same resources, because of the collapse of civilization, that is now unfolding in an exponential manner. Mental patients are just a small part of those who commit suicide, the numbers are grossly underreported. This is good for the planet and for the animals, that we lose the torturers in this way. And good for themselves, too.
Humanity, let you be warned in the strongest way of this horrific true story about the most perfect hypocrite I ever met, read or heard about, with all my church history expertise, she and her husband, son of Tommy Hellsten, very, very famous author, called humorously 'God himself' by an admirer, read widely in Sweden too, wellknown in translations in America and some other countries. A slimy New Age christian psychoterapist who is both sexist, patriarchal, homofobic, alcoholic, fundamentalist, and have treated Marcus like shit, horrible shit. Simply hated by Markus, extremely worshipped by Laura. Says something of the hypocrisy of this perfect liberal theologian, who seems to read his status, not his words. Not a single fucking word. Tommy Hellsten's spirit is like a hardened, half-educated criminal, harsh, bitter, how horrible I do not know. All his books are collections of platitudes which are said millions of times in billions of books, and do not reveal anything at all that is not hammered into us by fundamentalist mystics throughout the age. He is loved by christian fundamentalists in Finland, believe it or not.  Only his novels are valuable, those about the prophet Einar, I loved them, I thought it all was real, but it was just a novel. There is, or was some little life left in Tommy Hellsten. Maybe it's gone now, because of growing fame, and because he does not put Laura and Markus in prison, at least, in different prisons, so they stop torturing each other and the rest of us, all the rats and all the victims of their 5G, AI, UFO, New Age, occultist, prosperity transhumanist gospel. It would reveal him too, so he dares not) I know him personally, very well, but he ignores me completely, of course. I have not status, not the slightest. He also treats Markus like shit because Markus have no status whatsoever, and do not feed his great ego. This is the spirit of Laura. Maybe she treats Markus like Tommy Hellsten treats Markus? She is the wellknown theologian, not Markus. Markus she just abuses to climb on the status ladder at Åbo Akademi University, where she works as academic teacher)
I'm the guardian angel (number one? I have liberated so many of them, and risked so much suffering for them) of the dogs and rats, among other animals. Dogs you know already. Why rats? Because I'm a horrible, sick city rat myself! Hated by all for my truths, treated like rats, poisoned like them, caught in traps like them, hiding like them in cities, living a crazy, funny undergroundlife, creating disgust in all haters of real rats. Say this to Laura, a real rat-hater with the perfect hygiene. 
The occultist Aleister Crowley  was a saint in comparison with Laura and Markus. Without the myths about him, though, those about child sacrifice in occultist temples. He really loved nature, wildness, animals, adventures, poetry and romantic novels! A healthy boy! Not the slightest slimy! With funny black humour, calling himself "The Great Beast', to provocate those who hated him and spread horrible myths about him, the christian fundamentalists, myths I think Laura and Markus believe in, if they have heard about him. I mean, Aleister Crowley was at least a romantic soul, had not destroyed his romantic soul by torturing others. He had pure jokes, Markus' jokes are crazily perverse and bullying sometimes, brutal, like torture, jokes like having a picture on his fridge that is blaspheming the private sex life of an old and sick and fragile Madonna (THAT says something about who he is) and I have never heard a real joke from Laura, you do not joke any more when you have done things like she has, and here she resembles my girlfriend Titti Spaltro, a completely dead soul and a hypocrite almost as perfect as Laura, who even can simulate honesty, play honest. Simulate spontaneity. And simulate a romantic soul, though being dead in this area since she was 12 or 13! She simulates real animal love, simulates my anarchoprimitivism, simulates a hippie, it feels like she simulates everything, like a dead soul has to do, to look good and healthy and escape prison for her torture crimes (oh, if you know what angels have revealed to me). It's almost as horrible as Laura's simulation of the little girl voice to be able to torture even more effectively, among other things defend by ignoring it, the torture of millions of labrats to death with AI scientific torture, to create perverse things that can't be even mentioned here, it will shock you too much. Part of the prosperity gospel, of course). The time for the revealing of Tittis torture crimes will come one day. 
But to comfort Titti. You do not simulate the following of Jesus, christian holiness, the worst simulation. This simulation is driven almost to perfection in Laura.
What comes after you have reached the level of Lauras hypocrizy? Then begins the desperate search for cheap kicks, the only she has left, the only that can comfort her, the cheaper the better. But they are boring. It soon becomes boring even to get a like from Tommy Hellsten under your facebookpost (I would jump of joy). You want more and more cheap kicks, you harvest the world for kicks until you are famous as Benny Hinn and sit left with a dead planet, destroyed by your kicks. Like a planetary abuser, the drug abuser becoming planetary. Laura has long been on this path of cheap kicks, is very famous in Finland, already, yes, and she understands that the status kicks are the cheapest kicks. Like being talked about publicly, referred to. They are therefore those you buy most of, and those you fight and work most for, just like she does. It's a heavy and boring life, a life in slavery and death. Cheap kicks are your only comfort. You do not listen to any angels any more, no animals, no plants. The world is dead. What is left? Keeping you alive by seeking comfort in being famous. Until you have destroyed the world with your fame. You destroy and abuse people like Markus just to be a little more famous among the theologians of Åbo Akademi. The spirit of Donald Trump in the end. 
But God does not let people like Laura destroy the planet completely with their luxury. No, he loves his lovely work too much for such evil stupidity. We humans are not worth THAT much, even if Laura, a man worshipper (worships Jesus as the fundamentalist Almighty God himself), would like that, because of her sick theology. No, God will wipe us out before it is too late, before we begin to risk a totally dead planet, eternally without life more than on the atomic level. Maybe it's that Laura wants, her horribly luxurious lifestyle speaks of such perverse longings. Just to eliminate all life, like she wants to eliminate me. Eliminate all life, because it's just so fucking boring to be a cheap fame-kicks drug addict on Facebook. You have to work too much to attain all these cheap kicks, read too much boring books, and everything is just slavery and death. Your relief is cheap kicks that makes you simulate feeling alive, like the kicks you get from torturing Markus. 
And all this can't almost be read in the face of Laura, she looks like a normal pretty girl, with normal radiation. But I spoke about the perfect hypocrisy, and Laura is a master of manipulating her body, it makes me sick to thing about it, this self torture. Create the perfect body she wants, like people do in the AI heaven. 

Some honest words about the poets Andreas Björsten and Helena Leijd

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(Something of this is very private things, but they are about crimes that has to be revealed publicly, to stop torture, to save the torture victim. I know so private things are usually censored and punished, because of our corrupt juridical system, but I take my punishment, if you want to punish me for this, somehow)
Andreas Björsten has published a little collection of Helena Leijds bad poems and praised them highly in a foreword. He didn't care about her good poems, especially those not written on psychiatric drugs, very, very good poems (like this pearl). He hasn't even mentioned them once, as far as I know, who usually read all Andreas writes. That was Helena's only collection of poems ever published, as far as I know (it was published in a little booklet inside the romantic literary journal Aurora). What a crime against a poet. Like humbling her publicly. But then Andreas also was her nurse, her psychiatric nurse, in some way or other, acting like it or really being it, I'm not sure yet. What else can you expect from this kind of people, the people of bullying and torture. Helena can't sometimes think of Andreas without becoming sick in her spirit. 
And Andreas can't tolerate her honesty and revealings. His crimes are too big, he has blasphemed the Holy Spirit *. And written a song about Jesus so horrible and blasphemous that I didn't believe what I heard, it felt unreal. Somehow like this it goes, the main part of it, translated from swedish to english: " Jesus, come and bleed for us, Jesus, come and die for us". 
I throw up. Crucifying Jesus again, wanting Jesus to be tortured again. By psychiatry, I suppose, we do not have the crucifixion today. Crucified in people like Helena Leijd, an angel. By sending Helena Leijd to the mental hospital, the horror place. Or getting her hooked on horrific psychiatric drugs. 
I have liked Andreas for his great and wide education in poetry, and his romantic poetry activism. And some good poems. But this makes me only sick. It's even worse blasphemy than the horrific blasphemy of the Herrnhutic movement, loved by Andreas, where hymnal song writers fantasized in their songs about crawling like wound worms around in the wounds of Christ on the cross. What horrific sins count Zinzendorf actually did, to get such followers? Such sadistic, hellish, satanic poetry?
What sins have Andreas done? I know of some bad ones, but they are not enough, not by far. It has to do with psychiatry, in some way. Only an allied with psychiatry, a traitor, can write such songs. 
And what is his "estetical fire", that burns in him sometimes (mentioned in one of his latest poems)? I'm horrified of most spiritual fire symbols, they all remind me of the hellish inner life of grave criminals. It burns me, too, because I'm like a child. 
My review of Andreas' latest collection of poems was way too gentle and uncritical. Written on heavy psychiatric drugs, of course. When I can't meditate, like I never can on these drugs, then I write such gullible book reviews. And of course Andreas is one small part of getting me hooked on psychiatric drugs, like he wants Helena Leijd to be, I think, we are in the same friend network, in the same city. It saves his honour, at least. God knows what he has spoken about me, maybe to become part of the process of getting me hospitalized, if he has done that with Helena Leijd, who resembles me somehow. 
* not a sin with an eternal punishment as a consequence, though. 


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I'm 34, poet, ecotheologian and ecophilosopher (though not an academic such). I'm a member of the Romantic Society (Romantiska Förbundet), a literary society with its headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden, which administer the heritage from the epoch of romanticism. I have published an ecotheological work, "Animalistic theology. The return of paradise" (2010) (Djurisk teologi. Paradisets återkomst), and edited several journals, among others "God and nothing more" (2005) (Gud och intet mer), and "Delta" (literary journal, 2007). My debut collection of poems "Across the river of me" (2007) (Över floden mig) was self-published and my second collection of poems, "The return of nature" (2018) (Naturens återkomst) I wrote together with my girlfriend Titti Spaltro, and it was published by Fri Press förlag (Free Press publisher). My poetry is what I would call "arch-romantic", it springs from the literary movement we call romanticism. I especially cultivate a strong nature romanticism, and I think nature is romantic to it's being, organic, spiritual and poetic, not mechanical, superficial and unspiritual and neither materialistic. My main contribution to humanity I think is my special poetical philosophy "Animalism" ("Djurismen"), where I think that we have to reclaim our heritage as animals, be rehabilitated as the animals (primates) we in fact are, and that the animal-likeness is something beautiful, nothing "low" and "filthy". The animals are holy and sinless beings, and we should follow in their footsteps. My main work as poet and ecophilosopher is the ecophilosophical work "Reclaiming our wild origins. A radical critique of civilization" (2017), which can be read at Internet Archive for free (see the link list). I abstain from copyright to everything here on this blog that is written by me. Regarding pictures and poems by others, then respective author/photographer has copyright. Except these, the texts here are a part of "Public Domain". ___________________________________________ __________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ SWEDISH: Jag är 34, poet och ekofilosof (dock inte en akademisk sådan). Jag är med i Romantiska Förbundet, ett litterärt sällskap med huvudsäte i Stockholm, som förvaltar arvet från romantiken. Jag har gett ut ett ekoteologiskt verk, "Djurisk teologi. Paradisets återkomst" (2010), och redigerat flera tidskrifter, bl.a. "Gud och intet mer" (2005) och "Delta" (litterär tidskrift, 2007). Min debutdiktsamling "Över floden mig" (2007) gavs ut på eget förlag, och min andra diktsamling, "Naturens återkomst", skrev jag tillsammans med min flickvän Titti Spaltro, och den gavs ut på Fri Press förlag. Min diktning är vad jag skulle kalla "ärkeromantisk", den bottnar i den litterära strömning som vi kallar romantiken. Jag odlar särskilt en stark naturromantik, och jag menar att naturen till sitt väsen är romantisk, organisk, andlig och poetisk, inte mekanisk eller ytlig och oandlig och inte heller materialistisk. Mitt huvudbidrag till mänskligheten menar jag är min speciella poetiska filosofi "Djurismen", där jag menar att vi bör återta vårt arv som djur, återupprättas som de djur (primater) vi faktiskt är, och att djurlikheten är något vackert, inget "lågt" och "smutsigt". Djuren är heliga och syndfria varelser, och vi bör följa i deras fotspår. Mitt huvudverk som diktare och ekofilosof är det ekofilosofiska verket "Åter till det vilda. En uppgörelse med civilisationen" (2017), som kan läsas på Internet Archive (se länklistan) Jag avstår från copyright till allt här på bloggen som är skrivet av mig. När det gäller bilder och andras dikter har respektive författare/fotograf copyright. Förutom dem är texterna här en del av "public domain".

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